European Super League: Juventus commence breakaway project withdrawal

In the European Super League, Juventus has started the process of withdrawing from the breakaway bid.
The Italian soccer powerhouse Juventus has started the process of withdrawing from the European Super League (ESL) initiative.

Despite the fact that the initial concept of a breakaway league was abandoned in 2021, Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid had continued to adhere to the main ideas of such a league.

But Juve demanded discussions with the Spanish teams a month ago, and the two groups have now begun talking about their withdrawal from the scheme.

The Turin-based club stated that their departure from the league would be finalized and take effect only if Barca and Real gave their approval.

According to a statement, “following such discussions, and given the existing discrepancies on the interpretation of the relevant contractual terms applicable to the Super League Project, Juventus confirms that it has initiated the procedure to exit,” which was taken from the original statement.

The last several months have been difficult for Juventus, who were at first penalised 15 points by the Italian FA for violations of financial rule violations.

The sentence was reversed, but the team agreed to take a 10-point penalty after it was assessed following a second hearing.

The Serie A powerhouse from Turin came in seventh place overall and will compete in the Europa Conference League next season. They would have been able to qualify for the Champions League at the cost of AC Milan if it weren’t for the 10-point deduction.


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