Alexei Navalny, Russian Activist Dies In Detention

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has passed away in prison, as confirmed by the country’s prison service, which supporters and Western officials believe to be a political assassination orchestrated by Vladimir Putin. Navalny, aged 47, was known for being one of Putin’s most vocal and consistent critics and was serving a 19-year sentence in a prison located approximately 40 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

According to the federal penitentiary service, Navalny fell ill and lost consciousness after a walk, and despite efforts to revive him, he was pronounced dead. The Kremlin has acknowledged Navalny’s death, but no further details were provided. Western officials, including the US Secretary of State and European Council president, have condemned the Russian government for Navalny’s death, while Navalny’s family and allies are still trying to independently verify the news.

Navalny’s lawyer last saw him in a normal state, and his death has sparked widespread shock and accusations against the Kremlin. Navalny, who played a significant role in anti-Kremlin opposition, was known for his investigations into government corruption and election fraud, and his death has been met with grief and outrage by many.

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