Echoes of Desolation: Love’s Light Amidst Darkness

In the realm where love’s pure light does dwell,
It wields its power, a tale to tell.
Yet in its wake, a darkness looms,
Where hearts are tainted, and hope consumes.

In desolation’s grasp, blood must flow,
The faithful, the fallen, their fate to know.
They stood not as saints, on Erd’s bleak shore,
But on the side of loss, in battles of yore.

Would you crown one devoid of light,
As ruler, as mother, in the depths of night?
Questions linger, in shadows deep,
As Mr. Mikla’s secrets keep.

For those bereft of golden gleam,
Face death’s embrace, in flames unseen.
Let us journey, to realms unknown,
To touch the withered, and face our own.

Though paths may part, in shadows drear,
May fate reunite us, once more, here.

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