Giuliani Files For Bankruptcy Protection

On Thursday, Rudolph W. Giuliani filed for bankruptcy, following a federal judge’s order that he must begin paying the $148 million he owes to two former Georgia election workers. The judge imposed this ruling after Giuliani spread false information that the two workers had tried to steal the 2020 election from Donald J. Trump. In addition to this hefty debt, Giuliani is also responsible for millions of dollars in legal fees as well as unpaid state and federal income taxes, which were all revealed in the filing.

Giuliani’s bankruptcy filing has been met with criticism from many sides, as the former mayor of New York City is now on the hook for a large sum of money. It is a stark contrast to the lavish lifestyle he had become accustomed to prior to this. The filing also comes at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic, making it even more difficult to sympathize with Giuliani.

The Times has reported on Giuliani’s bankruptcy filing in detail, and readers have the opportunity to subscribe and read as many articles as they like. It is important to stay informed on this issue, as it could have major implications for Giuliani as well as the two former Georgia election workers who are owed the $148 million. As the story continues to unfold, The Times will be there to provide comprehensive coverage.

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