Historians Rank Biden 14th Best President, Trump Dead Last

A new presidential ranking survey released just ahead of Presidents Day offers some welcome news for Joe Biden amidst slumping approval polls – historians place him as the 14th most successful White House occupant, while predecessor Donald Trump finishes rock bottom as least effective leader.

Conducted by professors Brandon Rottinghaus of Houston University and Justin Vaughn from Coastal Carolina, the expert poll provides fascinating insight into how scholars view America’s highest office legacy over two centuries.

Offering Perspective Beyond Popular Opinion

Unlike transient public opinion swayed by the latest soundbites, academic assessments take more holistic measure of administrations navigating complex long-term challenges. Over multiple decades, partisan feelings fade as leadership gets judged on enduring policy impacts, crisis responses, and stewardship guarding democracy’s health.

From this historical vista, Biden’s steady hand contrasted sharply against Trump-era volatility earns credit for reversing corrosive political norms and unifying global coalitions defending sovereignty – achievements likely to feature more prominently than current approval slumps as time passes.

Rottinghaus and Vaughn specifically cite Biden transitioning America past Trump’s turbulent single term as a defining triumph with implications still playing out across two branches of government. Rescuing the presidency itself from authoritarian overreach ranks among the most consequential though underappreciated victories.

Trump Isolated Even Among Conservatives

The survey saw 154 historians across ideological spectrum rank all 46 previous presidents on metrics like vision, competence, moral authority and long-term legacy.

Aggregating scores from self-identified Republican participants, Trump placed dead last even behind 19th century leaders during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras not looked upon kindly with benefit of hindsight.

Overall among scholars spanning political ideologies, Trump edged out only Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan as very worst leaders failing their constitutional charge. With lasting damage to global alliances, democratic foundations, and public trust in government still coming into focus, historians seem poised to cement Trump’s position as one of few truly disastrous presidencies for years to come.

Meanwhile President Biden’s legacy remains a work in progress, with coming months pivotal in determining his highest-stakes grade: ensuring the 2024 election respects voters’ will above all else.

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