Kevin Spacey’s Bizarre Christmas Interview with Tucker Carlson

Being Frank With Tucker

Kevin Spacey and Tucker Carlson have reunited for a new Christmas video. After being found not guilty of all counts in a United Kingdom sexual assault trial earlier this year, Spacey has returned and brought Carlson with him. The video, titled “Being Frank With Tucker”, features the actor playing a non-legally-actionable version of his iconic Netflix character. Spacey references being fired by Netflix, takes credit for Netflix’s trademark opening “tu-dum” sound effect, and talks both drugs and sex.

The two then discuss the 2024 presidential race, with Carlson wondering if there’s anyone left who could jump in and meaningfully shake things up. Spacey replies that the decision is for the people, but adds that he believes nothing should be off the table in life or in art. He then states that he is willing to make the sacrifice to take on the role of chief executive if it means getting some adults back in the room.

Spacey and Carlson then turn to a discussion of the First Amendment, with Spacey expressing his belief in free speech. He adds that people spewing ridiculous ideas should always have the right to do so, but the problem is that somewhere along the way, we started listening. The actor goes on to quote Benjamin Franklin, saying “Do not believe anything of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

He states that Franklin was not telling people to stop talking, but to stop listening. Spacey then goes after bunnies and trigger warnings, saying that we are far too close to having a beanbag chair in the Oval Office. He adds that we coddle to everyone, but that he will not see someone walking through his White House in bunny ears and a tail unless it’s Easter.

The conversation then turns to what Spacey’s character specifically brings to the role of president. He states that he has a long and solid relationship with the public, and that he has almost felt like he can talk to them directly. When asked about his statement for this year, Spacey simply smiles and says “You know, Tucker, I think it’s just good.. to be back.”

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