Noteworthy Quotes from ‘Power Players: The Indie Edition’ during Billboard Latin Music Week 2023

Top players in the music industry convened for Billboard Latin Music Week 2023, and the spotlight shone on three influential tastemakers during a panel discussion amid the star-studded event.

On Tuesday, October 3, “The Power Players: The Indie Edition,” presented by Lexus, brought together heavyweights like Jimmy Humilde, CEO of Rancho Humilde, Federico Lauria, CEO of Dale Play Records, and George Prajin, CEO of Prajin Parley and manager to rising star Peso Pluma, for an insightful conversation about navigating the music industry without major label support. Moderated by Leila Cobo, Billboard’s Chief Content Officer of Latin-Español, the discussion delved into the challenges and triumphs of leading successful independent labels, offering invaluable insights.

We’ve handpicked some memorable quotes from the panelists to give you a glimpse into their perspectives:

Humilde on Nurturing Talent with Valuable Guidance: “Once I grab them, I’ll shape them up out of nothing. And I say from nothing because it was literally from nothing: no money, no power, no respect from anyone. So, we have earned that with work, with effort, with sweat and that is the same thing I tell everyone: don’t give up. It is the most important thing, don’t give up. And I preach that to the artist: if you give up, then you are giving me a chance to give up.”

Lauria on the Greatest Strength of Indie Labels: “I think that independence is priceless, I mean, it’s the best thing that can happen to us. As independent labels or as independent structures, what it gives us is plenty of possibilities to have a dynamic, an ease and an agility to respond to the speed of the market, possibly much faster. And that is the most important asset we have as structures.”

Prajin on Emphasizing Quality: “In all the years of being in the business, I’ve had periods when I signed many artists at a time and then I kind of went away from that because if I’m giving you my word that I’m going to do everything possible to develop you as an artist, I feel like I kind of spread myself out too much, that I can’t focus on fulfilling my promise to you. So, currently, we’re more like a boutique label that we’re signing only select artists.”

Atmosphere at the Lexus Panel held at Faena Forum as part of Billboard Latin Music Week on October 3, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida.

At the start of the week, Billboard kicked off the week-long Miami celebrations with a special event: the Latin Power Players Event held at the stylish Pao by Paul Qui eatery. Presented by Lexus, this gathering brought together the most influential figures in the Latin music industry for a night of intimate networking, inspiring speeches, and well-deserved award presentations.

As industry insiders mingled and connected inside the venue, outside across the street at the Faena Forum, consumers were treated to a sneak peek of the first-ever Lexus TX. It was a moment that combined the glamour of the music scene with the innovation of luxury automotive design, adding an extra touch of excitement to the already buzzing atmosphere.

For over three decades, Billboard Latin Music Week has been the pinnacle event for the Latin music industry, marking the longest-running and largest gathering of its kind globally. This momentous occasion aligns with the highly anticipated 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards, which were broadcast live on Telemundo from the iconic Watsco Center in Miami on Thursday, Oct. 5th. It’s a time when the brightest stars and most influential figures in Latin music come together to celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements in the industry.

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