That’s Stupid: Veteran Artist Eedris Abdulkareem Calls Out Burna Boy’s Comments on His Career Success

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Nigerian music artist Eedris Abdulkareem recently sparked headlines after candidly criticizing younger star Burna Boy for diminishing the support he received early in his career. Abdulkareem called the comments “stupid” in a video that quickly went viral, sparking debates around Burna Boy’s overconfidence and lack of gratitude for those who paved the way.

The Critique Heard ‘Round Nigeria

In an interview last week, Grammy winner Burna Boy brashly claimed he achieved global fame completely on his own, unlike veteran Nigerian artists who relied on connections and favors early on. “I did it on my own, by myself, with no support,” the superstar boasted.

Catching wind of the comments, Abdulkareem clapped back sharply in an Instagram video. “That’s stupid of him to say that,” Abdulkareem asserted. He reminded Burna Boy of how industry elders had welcomed, promoted, and even advised him when he first emerged onto the Lagos music landscape.

Abdulkareem further slammed Burna Boy’s dismissal of these early supporters who cleared vital space for his eventual rise. “It’s good to give thanks,” he underscored.

A Dialogue on Gratitude and Generational Tensions

As Abdulkareem’s fiery condemnation spread rapidly across social media, pubic reaction was sharply divided.

Many commenters supported Abdulkareem for defending pioneering artists who helped Burna Boy secure crucial early co-signs. They agreed superstars should acknowledge those formative relationships rather than inflating self-made mythology.

However others sided staunchly with Burna Boy, a talent famous for irreverence and ego. Fans praised his refusal to defer as a refreshing break from false modesty, seeing unapologetic confidence as central to his global brand.

Caught in the crossfire, Nigeria’s tight-knit music community now finds itself in open dialogue on the complex generational tensions between its veteran hitmakers and contemporary chart-toppers. Discussions of gratitude versus self-determination will likely continue as icons like Abdulkareem pass the baton to iconoclastic young stars like Burna.

But Abdulkareem remains adamant about setting the record straight when achievements of trailblazing artists go ignored. “The elders should be respected,” he reminds brash young talents. With viral clap backs like this, don’t expect Abdulkareem and his contemporaries to stop demanding this respect any time soon.

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