Timini Egbuson Claims He’s a Bigger Actor Than Zubby Michael: Exploring the Debate


Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has sparked a debate in the entertainment industry by asserting that he is a bigger actor than his colleague Zubby Michael. This claim emerged following a discussion on the reality TV show “Ebuka Turns Up Africa,” where entertainers deliberated on the concept of the bigger actor in Africa. In an interview with Do2dtun on Cool FM, alongside Ebuka Uchendu, Timini delved into his perspective on why he considers himself a bigger actor.

Timini’s Perspective

Timini clarified that his assertion was not specifically about Zubby Michael but rather about his standing relative to other actors in the industry. He highlighted factors such as the number of movies he has starred in, box office records, and popularity among the audience. According to Timini, when these elements are considered collectively, he believes he surpasses Zubby Michael in terms of stature within the industry.

Reactions and Debate

Timini’s statements have ignited a lively debate online, with netizens sharing their opinions on the comparison between the two actors. Some users echoed Timini’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of professional achievements and performance metrics over monetary success. Others, however, expressed skepticism, suggesting that self-worth and personal success are subjective and nuanced concepts that extend beyond tangible accomplishments.

  • @_pappi_chullo: Supports Timini’s stance, emphasizing the significance of professional statistics over monetary wealth.
  • @riekcentofficia: Views Timini’s assertion as characteristic of Generation Z actors, contrasting Zubby Michael’s acting style with Timini’s.
  • @kenepisode1: Acknowledges the commonality of individuals striving to validate their achievements but underscores the importance of recognizing reality.
  • @dj_atama007: Advises Timini to focus on his career without dwelling on comparisons, implying that excessive self-promotion may be detrimental.


The discourse surrounding Timini Egbuson’s claim underscores the complexity of evaluating success and stature within the entertainment industry. While factors such as the number of movie roles, box office performance, and public recognition are undoubtedly relevant, the subjective nature of personal worth and artistic contribution cannot be overlooked. As Timini’s assertion continues to provoke discussion, it serves as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of talent and achievement in the realm of acting. Ultimately, each actor’s journey is unique, and their impact transcends quantitative metrics alone.

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