Unlock the Skies: Mastering the Art of Obtaining a Flying Mount in Palworld

In Palworld, there are several Pals that can serve as flying mounts or creatures that your character can use to travel through the skies of the open world. Crafting the right item after capturing one of these mounts will give you a new way to reach faraway locations quickly. Some flying Pals are faster than others, giving you options as you add more and more beasts to your Paldeck. It is beneficial to have flying mounts around your base, as they provide easy access to faster travel besides waypoints.

There are 17 Pals that can be tamed as flying mounts, and each follows the same steps to become one of your steeds. It is important to reach higher levels with your character to build Technology Points, which are necessary for building the equipment used on every sky-bound Pal. Leveling up is achieved through completing basic tasks in Palworld, such as capturing and defeating Pals, crafting new items, and exploring dungeons or other dangerous locations in the world.

No Pal can be used as a flying mount until you have a Saddle, which unlocks the moment you catch a Pal that can carry you in the air. For example, those who capture a Jetragon will immediately have a Jetragon Saddle in their Technology Tree. Many of these Saddles demand that your character is at a certain level before you can begin crafting the item in Palworld. Once you have a Saddle available, go to your Pal Gear Workbench and make sure to read what materials are needed to build the item.

Putting together a Saddle will put it in the Key Items section of your inventory in Palworld. Once you have the right Saddle for a specific Pal, add that Pal to your party and summon it out of its Pal Sphere. Pals that possess the traits to be used as a flying mount have a Special Ability you can activate at the push of a button, allowing your character to jump onto a mount’s back and fly through the sky at your leisure. The amount of time you can fly with a Pal depends on how much Stamina it has before it needs to rest.

Out of the 17 total flying mount Pals you can find in Palworld, some only spawn in locations depending on the time of day. The materials needed to construct the right Saddle for these creatures usually depend on how rare that Pal is in the wild. Many of the fastest mounts in Palworld also tend to be bosses, so their capture rate may be very low compared to other creatures.

It is important to craft plenty of Hyper or Giga Pal Spheres to catch the rarest Alpha Boss Pals on the list, especially Frostallion and Jetragon. Jetragon is considered the fastest mount in the game, with both the quickest flying speed and the largest pool of Stamina. Acquiring every type of flying mount available in Palworld provides a much better way to get around as you explore throughout your journey.

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