In a moment of historic significance, a transwoman model won Miss Universe Netherlands: ‘I DID IT’

Miss Netherland Rikkie Valerie Kolle wins competition and heads for Miss Universe pageant later this year.  (YouTube/Screenshot)

Rikkie Valerie Kolle, the model who was crowned Miss Universe Netherlands, proclaimed, “I DID IT.”On Saturday, a transgender woman who competed for the title of Miss Universe Netherlands was crowned the winner of the pageant, marking a historic first for the Netherlands.

Rikkie Valerie Kolle, a model and actress who is 22 years old, prevailed in the competition and will now go on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, which is scheduled to take place in El Salvador.

“I DID IT,” Kolle said in a message on his Instagram account. “I still can’t believe I get to call myself [Miss Netherland] 2023,” she said. It was a voyage filled with both learning and beauty… I have no words to express how pleased and proud I am of you. Bringing pride to my community and demonstrating that it is possible.”

“And, yes, I identify as transgender and wish to share my story; however, I am also Rikkie, and that is what is important to me. I accomplished this on my own and I cherished every second of it.

Theresa de Nederland Rikkie Valerie Kolle was victorious in the competition and will now compete in the Miss Universe pageant later this year. (YouTube/Screenshot)

In recent years, biological guys have been known to compete in beauty pageants intended for females.

It wasn’t until 2021 that a biological guy made pageant history by being the first individual in overall competition history to win the title of Miss Nevada USA. Kataluna Enriquez, 27, bested 21 other contenders.

Kolle dethroned former winner Ona Moody and will now represent the Netherlands in El Salvador at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant.

Kolle will not be the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Angela Ponce, Miss Spain and a transsexual beauty pageant, competed in Miss Universe in 2018. Ponce did not make it to the Miss Universe beauty pageant’s finals.

Former President Donald Trump made it possible for transgender contestants to compete in the beauty pageant.

After a Canadian biological beauty contestant threatened to sue unless she could compete for the Miss Universe Canada title, Trump bought the Miss Universe brand and welcomed transgender contestants.

Trump collaborated with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to enable transgender model Jenna Talackova to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant despite the fact that she was not a “naturally born” female.

In a since-deleted video, Trump declared of the transgender beauty pageant contestant, “We allowed her in. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. She might perform well, or she might not. You have 58 different females competing for the title of Miss Canada. It will be fascinating to see what occurs. If she wins for any reason, she must win the Miss Universe pageant. Everyone aspires to be Miss Universe. “I don’t think it’ll be easy.”

“The Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Trump made it clear to GLAAD that they were open to making a policy change to include transgender women,” GLAAD spokesperson Herndon Graddick said at the time. We appreciate how quickly and appropriately he and his colleagues replied.”

Kolle is a model and actress of Dutch and Moluccan heritage. The Maluku Islands are located in eastern Indonesia, between Sulawesi and Papua.

“As a woman, I often doubted to make certain choices because I already thought further than just looking nice,” Kolle stated in a recent Instagram post, according to a translation. We live in a community where everyone has an opinion and is willing to share it, whether it is positive or negative. I say no to it today! I’m sitting here as a proud lady in lingerie, and what others think of me doesn’t matter; the best decision you can make is to accept yourself and let others talk. Feel confident and especially comfortable in your own skin; rock that physique and feel protected.”

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Kolle stated in a video last week, “For this Pride Month, Miss Universe asked us to describe ourselves in one word.” My word of choice is ‘victory.’ I conquered everything that came my way because I was a small boy. And now look at me, a powerful, empowering, and confident trans woman. Love is love, so be yourself. Never forget to celebrate your pride.”

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Kolle added in another Instagram post, “Hey darlings, as you know, I proudly admit that I wasn’t born as the woman I wanted to be, but I have developed myself into the woman I am,” according to a translation. My procedure was over four months ago. It completed the cycle for ME and provided me joy.”

“Congratulations to… [Kataluna Enriquez]. “We just made history!” Alongside a picture of Enriquez, the Miss Nevada USA pageant posted the following message on their Instagram page:

The rainbow-colored sequined gown that the winner of Miss Nevada wore was designed “In honor of pride month, and all of those who don’t get a chance to spread their colors.”

In the year 2012, Canadian model Jenna Talackova was one of the first contestants to represent her country in the Miss Universe competition.

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