The Ultimate Experiment Extravaganza: A Journey Through Chaos and Creation

The train is currently racing at an impressive speed towards a massive pit. We’re also causing chaos by crashing numerous cars, detonating thousands of sticks of real dynamite, and even strapping 10 jet engines to a car. All of this is to present you with the most outrageous experiments of all time.

Our first experiment involves filling a house with over 100,000 fireworks. Please do not attempt this at home. Each of us will hide a dummy in my new house to test if survival is possible when water and fire collide. My mannequin is safely tucked away in the fridge. Now, let’s blow this house up! But be cautious, if you accidentally press one, the house will explode.

This is going to be the most exciting spectacle you’ve ever witnessed. What happened to the house? It’s barely visible anymore. Unfortunately, our mannequins didn’t survive. The house burned throughout the night until there was nothing left, including all the mannequins.

For our next experiment, we’re setting up a tug of war between a real military tank and two buses. The loser gets dragged into the pit. There’s no way the tank will lose.

Obviously, people can’t be in these vehicles because they’ll perish when they fall into the pit. So, we’re using a remote to control the tank. This feels somewhat illicit.

Did you hear the buses beeping? Their horns are blaring. We’re going to investigate the pit to see the buses. Oh no, I need to stop looking down. We’re in the pit.

Look at that! Why did the bus think it could beat the tank? I don’t think it did. Later in this video, a train is going to derail from those tracks and land right about there.

But before we do that, here’s fifty thousand dollars surrounded by thousands of pounds of TNT. This is Will. See that crate in the field? That’s about one percent of the explosives surrounding this money. Are we safe standing here? Yes, you’ll be fine.

Here’s my credit card. Spend as much money as you want to protect this 50 grand. I don’t care if you use wood, bricks, or even steel to protect this money. Whatever remains of this 50 grand when the TNT detonates, you keep. Good luck building walls.

The first thing Will did was purchase 12 industrial water containers and fill them with 20,000 pounds of water. I’m genuinely concerned that my TNT is going to penetrate this, and he should be because this isn’t nearly enough to stop the TNT.

Meanwhile, we’re going to test another experiment. In a previous video, we attached a jet engine to a car and it jumped over eight buses. So this time, we’re attaching 10 jet engines to the car to see if it can fly 10 times further.

Once the car flies off this ramp, I think it’s going to soar past all the buses into the trees. Our guesses couldn’t be more different. He is currently Matrixed into the car, so he sees what the car sees.

Now we’re back at the giant pit. If you jump into this deep pit and land on a thousand bouncy balls, would you die? I’d love to know.

Meanwhile, Will was desperately trying to protect his fifty thousand dollars. He’s taking this way more seriously than I thought he would. In the past four days, he’s hired some professionals and they’ve already built a cinder block wall, filled it with matches, and are already on their second cinder block wall. This dynamite is not getting through.

We’ve switched from, which was very long, over to A .store domain is the perfect choice for anyone looking to sell anything online.

Since I doubled Will’s money and TNT, he’s completed a seven-layer fortress of 20,000 pounds of water, mattresses, a cinder block wall, four mattresses, a second cinder block wall, an additional 32,000 pounds of water, all packed in with a final wall of dirt.

But I actually have another layer that Jimmy knows nothing about. Jimmy will never see this one coming. What, hey Jimmy? How am I supposed to blow up Feastables? That’s the point.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. A train is going to go full speed down those tracks into this giant pit. If you were on this train, where would you sit? I put my mannequin in the cabin, statistically the safest place to be on a train.

We’ve waited our entire lives for this moment. This is going to be epic. The train’s coming. Let’s do this.

Oh my gosh, look at that. That might have been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, my mannequin didn’t survive. In the battle of train versus pit, the pit won. I hope you enjoyed the video. Let’s end it with an explosion.

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