Wild Video Shows Massive Sideshow Bust in Stockton Neighborhood

You’re not going to believe the wild scene that went down at a recent sideshow! Video footage shows the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies out in full force, blocking off an entire intersection and arresting people left and right.

The sheriff says they are taking a tough new stance against these dangerous and illegal sideshows. But charges have yet to be filed by the district attorney’s office. So what exactly happened here?

Residents who live near the intersection of Country Club Boulevard and Pershing Avenue say they have never seen anything like it before. One neighbor, Joseph, described it as “just amazing” how many cops swarmed in to arrest people and tow cars. “This place was full of cars, all up and down my street,” he said.

At one point, Joseph counted at least 20 tow trucks lined up, lights flashing, ready to haul away the 88 vehicles impounded that night. He said the whole area was a parking lot full of people and cars until deputies came and “arrested everybody!”

On Instagram, Sheriff Patrick Withrow addressed those desperate to get their cars back, telling them to stop calling – their vehicles will remain impounded until their court cases are settled. The goal is to prevent the cars from being used for more illegal sideshows before the DA determines if they should be destroyed as public nuisances.

While we await word from the DA’s office on potential charges, residents of this Stockton neighborhood are relieved to see law enforcement taking action. As Joseph said, “I appreciate that… I live here, I got to pay my mortgage here every month. This is my home.”

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