1500 Nigerians applied in two months. Guinness World Records shouts

The Guinness World Records (GWR) organization has announced that in the span of just two months, they had received more than 1,500 submissions from people living in Nigeria.

After a Nigerian chef named Hilda Baci broke the record for the longest cook-a-thon by an individual in May, the trend of attempting to set new records in the Guinness Book of World Records gathered steam.

A sizeable number of Nigerians have enthusiastically taken up this trend ever since it was popularised by chef Hilda Baci, who accomplished a spectacular accomplishment by setting the record for the longest cooking marathon ever completed by an individual.

Following Hilda Baci’s successful attempt, the organization that is responsible for maintaining the records stated that a significant number of Nigerians have enthusiastically embraced this trend.

“The attention and excitement that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon gained was certainly an incentive for many Nigerians to consider attempting a Guinness World Records title,” the record organization stated in a statement after the event.

Since she made her attempt to break the mark, there has been a significant increase in the number of applications coming from Nigeria, notably for marathon records.

Since the beginning of May, we have been in receipt of more than 1,500 record application submissions from Nigeria.

Some reactions from observers:

babajideedges1:  Lol. If only they knew what Nigerians did to Aloevera & Moringa, & still doing to Amapiano… Everyone loves the spotlight in this part of the world. the moment they are clapping, they already thinking “that could me”. Wo! GWR, Una never see anything-a-thon????.

drbtgar: They need to give Nigeria as a country the record holder award on Guinness book for records for – Country with the most application in 2 months. Oh no! The country didn’t follow the guideline, they didn’t apply ????????.

iam_linchpin: Chef Dammy & her Ekiti people were the pioneers of this embarrassing “A-Thon” records. GWR will start seeing us as a country without aims & serious objectives. Ekiti & Ondo states started this sham of “A-Thons” Mugu states.

director_martins: 1499 a yoruba people.

danielreg_ha: Hilda just received her GWR confirmation not quite long, let the lady breathe; If foreigners are attempting to break her record that’s understandable, but it shouldn’t be Africans, at least not this fast. The rate at which Nigerians are embarking on this cook-a-toon is shamefu!.

slickricky5: We Nigerians have the tendency to abuse opportunities until we lose them. Quite unfortunate. That’s why people especially abroad find it difficult to share info, cos once we get wind of it, na to just go spoil am for everyone else. We need to change.

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