“Happy Birthday Dearest,” Joke Silva writes to Olu Jacobs on his 81st birthday.

Olu Jacobs celebrates his 81st birthday with Joke Silva. Photo:@ajokesilva Source: Instagram Read more

On Olu Jacobs’s 81st birthday, Joke Silva wrote a heartfelt note wishing him “Happy Birthday Dearest” and celebrating the occasion.

Olu Jacobs, a veteran actor, has added another year to his age, much to the delight of his wife and a large number of his admirers.

On the occasion of the screen legend’s birthday, internet users and celebrities alike have expressed their best wishes for him. Continue reading: HERE

On the occasion of Olu Jacobs’ birthday, celebrities and internet users pray for him. There have been numerous responses to Joke Silva’s tweet from Nigerian celebs and regular internet users. Many of the commenters prayed for the man who graced their screen with his unique talent. Continue reading HERE

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