Cynthia Okereke, a veteran Nollywood actress, dead at age 63

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Following the death of veteran actress Cynthia Okereke, the Nigerian film industry has suffered yet another devastating loss.

Cynthia Okereke, 63, was abducted by unknown kidnappers a year ago and died on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, leaving the entertainment business and admirers in grief.

On Wednesday, actor and filmmaker Joseph Okechukwu took to Instagram to convey the devastating news.

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Joseph Okechukwu (@kingestjoe) shared a post.

Joseph Okechukwu offered a touching tribute to Cynthia Okereke in an Instagram post, expressing his deep sadness and astonishment at her sudden death.

He posted a photo of the late actress and lamented the fact that he was about to finalise travel plans for her to join him in finishing a project they had started together.

The news of her death, according to the thespian, has been one of the most difficult tasks he has experienced in recent times.

“REST IN PEACE, Nwanyi oma,” he wrote. I’m beyond words broken.

“One of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with recently is the fact that I was about to pay for your flight ticket to come and finish what we started only to hear you went to be with Lord just last night.”

Mr. Okechukwu characterised Cynthia Okereke as a remarkable individual whom he had known for over two decades.

“I hope I can recover from the shock.” Life is but a mist. You have it one minute and then don’t the next. You’ve been an excellent, decent, and delightful soul to be around for the more than 20 years I’ve known you. I’m at a loss for words. “May your gentle soul rest in peace until we meet again in glory,” he said.

Almost a year ago, Nollywood actress Cynthia Okereke and her colleague Clemson Cornell, popularly known as Agbogidi, were abducted while working in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Okereke bravely spoke up about the horrible event and highlighted the difficulties she endured throughout her week-long incarceration, including a lack of food and water.

“My blood pressure is high,” she admitted, “but to God be the glory for all of you.” Cynthia is alive because to your efforts and prayers. I will continue to act for you and work for you. They believed I was leaving, but I’m not. I was there for a week without water or food. But today, I say to you, God, all praise forever and ever.”

Cynthia Okereke’s death is a huge blow to the Nigerian film industry.

She created a reputation for herself in Nollywood with parts such as Prof. John Bull, Osuofia in London, A Fool at 40, and many more.

Throughout her career, she demonstrated her versatility as an actress, earning the respect of both colleagues and admirers. For years to come, her contributions to the industry will be remembered and honored.

Cynthia Okereke, a veteran Nollywood actress, died at the age of 63, according to

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