Harry and Meghan’s Emotional Farewell Tour Ends With a “My Way” Serenade Fit For Royalty

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, known for their environmental activism, have returned to California after a visit to Canada. They were sent off with a special performance by Michael Bublé and boarded a charter plane at Vancouver International Airport. The couple extended their trip to attend a party with athletes and organizers of the Invictus Games.

At the event, Prince Harry spoke about the games and expressed his excitement for next year’s event. He also thanked the Four Host First Nations for their warm welcome.

After a whirlwind three days reconnecting with the Invictus community and rallying for the 2025 games in Vancouver, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle capped their royal farewell tour in true Canadian style – with crooner Michael Bublé serenading the couple with a cheeky rewrite of “My Way” praising their trailblazing vision.

The Sussexes have been on an emotional tour of Vancouver and Whistler, mingling with athletes and organizers one year out from the 2025 Invictus Games held in the picturesque ski resort town. Following a slew of public appearances and speeches underscoring their commitment to injured veterans, the royals attended a private gala dinner on February 17th that doubled as a showcase of local Indigenous culture and musical talents – with Bublé as surprise headliner.

A Hero’s Welcome

As red carpet royalty, the Duke and Duchess received the grandest of welcomes to the Vancouver Convention Center soiree. Members of British Columbia’s Tsleil-Waututh Nation greeted Harry and Meghan in full ceremonial regalia, chanting and drumming around the smiling couple in a moving cultural display.

Over 200 specially invited guests awaited inside, where Prince Harry took the stage to deliver heartfelt remarks on the profound impact of the Invictus Games he founded. He spoke passionately of the event’s power to uplift and connect wounded warriors across nations through the resilience of human spirit.

“The Invictus Games are not just a competition; they’re a way of life, a celebration of the human spirit,” he emphasized, thanking the Four Host First Nations for their integral partnership.

In an emotional moment, Harry also referenced the journey of truth and reconciliation shared by all Canadians and his hope the games could unite peoples as friends.

Then came the ultimate serenade courtesy of one of the country’s most acclaimed singers.

“My Way” Gets a Royal Rewrite

When Michael Bublé emerged for a surprise performance, the crowd lept to their feet in deafening applause. Addressing Harry and Meghan directly, the crooner shared his admiration for the royal couple before launching into his own cheeky spin on Frank Sinatra’s classic “My Way” – with lyrics customized just for them.

“Who knew dreams come true? When life tells you you’re far from finished,” he crooned, lauding Harry as a “visionary” and including a line sending “healing wishes” to Harry’s father, the ailing King Charles III.

As Bublé concluded his customized tune about doing “it my way,” the 200-strong crowd rewarded him and the royal guests of honor with thunderous standing ovation.

For Harry and Meghan, the uplifting serenade provided a fitting coda to their British Columbian visit reconnecting with old friends and rallying for Harry’s beloved Invictus Games. With this farewell tour now concluded, the Sussexes return home to California charged by the camaraderie and support felt from Vancouver to Whistler.

And thanks to Bublé’s cheeky pop-star flattery, they do so having cemented their place in Canadian lore with a song destined to go viral. The Duke and Duchess may chart their own path, but this trip proved Canada will always save them a spot on the stage – and in its heart.

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