Pretty Mike Unplugged: Dishing on Pricey Glasses, Eyebrow-Raising Outfits, and Other Juicy Gossip

          Image Source: @prettymikeoflagos 

Socialite Pretty Mike has explained why he chose to wear a transparent lace outfit to the wedding of fashion designer Veekee James. In an interview with, he also discussed the reasons behind his controversial entrance at her special occasion. Additionally, he shared details about his most expensive fashion accessory and its cost, among other topics.

Pretty Mike, also known as Mike Nwogu, is a well-known lover of fashion and is often recognized for his unconventional entrances at events. He recently made a statement by wearing a transparent lace outfit along with Agbada to Veekee James’ wedding. During the interview with, he revealed the motivation behind his outfit choice and also talked about his favorite fashion accessories and the items he would never wear.

He explained that he wore the transparent lace outfit to Veekee’s wedding because it was included in his asoebi box. He emphasized the importance of bold and creative fashion choices, and clarified that the outfit was specifically for close family and friends of the bride. Pretty Mike’s entrance at the wedding sparked a variety of reactions, with some criticizing him for not considering the celebrant’s Christian faith.

In response, he defended his actions by emphasizing his long-standing friendship with Veekee and the understanding she has of his personality and brand. When asked about his most expensive fashion accessory, Pretty Mike highlighted his love for eyeglasses and revealed that his priciest pair is worth $2,500 (N3.8m).

He also expressed his aversion to wearing heels, despite the recent trend of men incorporating them into their fashion choices. Pretty Mike’s unique fashion choices and entrances have often caused a stir on social media, with his recent one-eyed king attire at a wedding party sparking mixed reactions from netizens.

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