From Zero to Unreal: My Journey Sitting in Trees and Doing Nothing in Fortnite Ranked

After months of tree-hugging silence, I did it. I achieved Unreal rank in Fortnite. My journey involved sitting motionless, making friends, and dodging bullets. Here’s how I climbed from the bottom to the pinnacle without firing a single shot.


Discover the tale of an unconventional Fortnite journey – from the initial challenge announcement to the final triumphant Unreal rank.

Sitting Still and Climbing High

Embarking on this quest, I committed to sitting in trees, emote-watching, and occasionally eliminating myself. Every game was a 20-minute spectacle of stillness. The struggle was real.

Memes, Mishaps, and Making Friends

In pursuit of variety, I experimented with meme strategies – from being a fish to a scarecrow. Memes often backfired, leading to hilarious encounters and unexpected friendships.

The TikTok Throne

My gaming rig transformed into a TikTok theater, where I balanced between survival and endless content consumption. The contrast of gameplay and TikTok antics made for an entertaining yet monotonous journey.

The Help of Unexpected Allies

Occasionally, my Twitter plea for mercy yielded curious allies, like the X2 twins, who attempted to catapult me onto a car. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work, but the camaraderie was priceless.

Elite to Unreal: A Grind to Remember

As I ascended through ranks – from Platinum to Diamond, Elite, and finally Unreal – the challenges intensified. Snipers threatened my progress, and setbacks were painfully costly.

The Final Push

With determination and resilience, the final day arrived. I faced setbacks, lost percentages, but ultimately, a top 15 finish in the last game sealed the deal. Unreal rank achieved.

Reflections and Farewells

As I break the metaphorical tree for the last time, I reflect on the friends made, memes attempted, and the surreal journey from zero to Unreal.

In the realm of Fortnite ranks, where chaos reigns supreme, I emerged victorious by mastering the art of stillness. This is the tale of a silent warrior who defied the odds, sat in trees, and claimed the highest throne – Unreal.

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