Nicki Minaj – Big Foot (Official Audio)

In the realm of melody and sweet tunes, here’s a reimagined version of the song:

(Verse 1)
Been on a journey, been at it so long,
Your floor’s like a melody, a sweet love song.
Sipping honey through a straw, feeling so fine,
Let’s raise the dialog, like stars that shine.

How you doing, my friend, when she passed away,
Hold your head high, Kingy, don’t let tears sway.
Bigfoot stomping, but you’re still a small fry,
Singing for your dear mother as we reach the sky.

(Verse 2)
Hey yo, this low, talkin’ ’bout Megan’s Law,
For a free beat, hit Megan raw.
A ghost at a party in Megan jaw,
But I won’t let Megan, that bad word, draw.

Six feet tall, we call her Big Foot,
She may have fallen, but she’ll get up, stay put.
Trying to party, trying to party,
But why lie about your light, getting hearty?

Your lies, they echo like a haunting melody,
To the Queen and the King, you spun a false decree.
A 30-year-old tale, so stale, Kylie Ki,
You stumbled to the car, BS, that’s not free.

(Verse 3)
I need a good bar, an alcohol delight,
That was the bar, like a bodybuilder’s might.
Raising the bar, shooting with no scar,
This Little Piggy, toxic, like a sinister star.

Getting up in your world, a tight clinch,
No lies, no pretense, just the honest truth flinch.
Talking ’bout Nicki, the queen, the monarch,
Coming at you like a storm, an impending dark.

I know it’s attention you sought so far,
But apologize to your mom or it gets bizarre.
For my supporters, love to you, like a shining star,
A serious note, the next installment, we’ll spar.

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